EDI Membership

EB Engineering Solutions is a founding member of Engineering Dunedin Incorporated and has remained an active member as we believe that Dunedin engineers should have organisation that can act as their united voice in representing the local industry on various issues including local and national policies, industry training, trade and technical promotion, and industry standards.

We have also found the industry get-togethers that are arranged by the EDI to be of great benefit to those that attend with the opportunity to experience in detail some of the developments and advances being undertaken by local companies and to meet and hear from appropriate interest groups. These functions are also a good setting to meet and discuss industry topics with other members in an often relaxed environment. We have found that it is during these times that closer relationships have formed that have led to opportunities to share resources during peak times and to combine resources for tendering of work that would otherwise be too large.

But as with most groups, clubs, or organisations that one may join it is only by taking an active interest or role that one gains the most benefit. As all engineers know it is difficult to get more out of something than what you put in!

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EDI Advantages

In coming into the engineering business in Dunedin as an outsider, and non engineer, what has always intrigued me about the engineering base is the relative complementary nature of companies.  Most Dunedin engineering companies, like Farra, have developed specialised products, skills or machinery that enables them to compete at a national or international level as there simply isn’t enough local work to support them.  And in developing unique markets they don’t regularly compete with each other.

Dunedin is a small city and EDI has been an excellent platform to further that relationship between these companies, to encourage them to work together recognising that for core parts of their business they don’t actually compete.  And that is what I have experienced with my involvement in EDI.  For example Farra’s have worked closely with Action, EB’s, Hillside (what a loss to the city) Palmers Mechanical and  Scott Technology to name a few and I value that relationship we have with those companies.     EDI has fostered that and we are all the better for it.

John Whitaker
CEO – Farra Engineering

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