About Us

Engineering Dunedin Incorporated (EDI) is a support organisation for engineering manufacturers based in Dunedin.  It was established early 2004 and it continues to promote a growing and prosperous cluster group.

Engineering Manufacture in Dunedin was established in the goldfield days well over one hundred years ago.  The skills of the early Scottish immigrants was  significant in giving Dunedin its prominent position both locally and overseas and this recognition of competence in all aspects of engineering continues today.

About Us

Currently  there are some 50 individual and corporate members supporting the aims and objectives of the Society.  EDI members operate under a common Code of Practice with a view to fully satisfying the expectation of the business community and maximising the amount of work undertaken in Dunedin. 

The specific aims of the Group include:

  • Support and promotion of industry training
  • Promotion of research, commercialisation and exporting opportunities
  • Cooperation with other organisations sharing similar objectives
  • Creation of job opportunities and expansion of the industry in Dunedin
  • Improving the financial viability of engineering manufacture in Dunedin
  • Support for new manufacturing industries

The major engineering manufacturing and related organisations in Dunedin are all members of Engineering Dunedin Incorporated.  As a result EDI represent and speak for the industry as a whole.

About Us

Some of our major member companies and related organisations are as follows:-

  • Farra Engineering
  • Scott Technology
  • Milmeq Engineering
  • University of Otago
  • Dunedin City Council
  • Otago Polytechnic
  • Fulton Hogan
  • Delta Utility Services
  • Palmers Mechanical
  • Switchbuild

EDI members are proud to continue to provide and improve upon the skills and achievements of the early Scottish pioneers.

EDI Executive Members and Named Representatives

Photo Executive Position Contact Details
Chris Hopkins Chairperson Chris Hopkins
[email protected]
Peter Deans Secretary / Treasure Peter Deans
[email protected]
Mark Fahey Bison

Mark Fahey
[email protected]

Peter Mcgregor Competenz Training Peter McGregor
[email protected]
Greg Wansink EB McDonald Greg Wansink
[email protected]
John Whitaker Farra Engineering John Whitaker
[email protected]
Gordon Mcgowan Fisher and Paykel

Gordon McGowan
[email protected]

John Findlay Otago Polytechnic John Findlay
[email protected]
Danny Pryde Pryde Engineering

Danny Pryde
[email protected]

Andrew Arnolde Scott Technology Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold

Note: Alternative Representatives of Companies may attend Executive Meetings