Producing Products

Manufacturing Engineers are engineers that have developed a product and have built production and assembly lines to produce the product. Dunedin's Fisher and Paykel are a good example of a large Manufacturing engineering company who specialise in white ware appliances. Within the company they have many divisions, from designers to the people who assemble the finished products. The engineers are involved in developing new products, then developing all the production line equipment that will manufacture the product. Because large Production manufacturers produce thousands of units, they spend a lot of time perfecting each part to ensure it stands up to rigorous use as any mistake will be very costly to recall all the products and repair them. A products success is often about understanding the markets requirements, having a good functional design, and efficient manufacturing to keep the costs down. The engineers work in teams to ensure they produce a product that meets all these criteria.

Training and Education

Training and education are very important requirements of being part of these large firms as people will specialise and are expected to be highly knowledgeable and proficient at their trade. Jobs include CAD designers, Design Engineers, Food technologists, Tool and die makers, Maintenance Engineers, Fabrication Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers. It is important for all these specialists to communicate well, so often these large companies have a lot of social functions to encourage good communication and team building.