Processing Lines

Process Engineering

Process engineering involves the building of process lines for manufacturing or food processing. Process lines transport items through a series of machines or locations where different tasks are carried out. In Dunedin various engineering companies develop processing equipment for White ware manufacturing, Meat processing, Fruit sorting as well as making Chocolate confectionary. Because Production lines are highly customised to a client's requirements, there is a lot of very careful planning required to ensure the process line doesn't malfunction so solving problems requires a very good knowledge of the product being handled.

Different Solutions for Different Industries

In the meat industry you are dealing with large and small animals, people, hygiene and sharp tools, so every stage has to be carefully planned and built to high standards. Horticulture requires smaller production lines that specialise in sizing, grading and packing of various fruit. Developing systems must handle fruit gently and efficiently so that the fruit remains a premium product in the market place and receives premium returns.

  • Hydraulic and water dumps
  • Wet and dry elevators
  • Small fruit eliminators
  • Brush polisher driers
  • Grading and sorting tables
  • Tray packing conveyors
  • Fruit splitting machines
  • Carton filling: auto and semi-automatic
  • Cherry singulating and sizing
  • Orchard Covering systems