Christchurch Rebuild

Dunedin Engineering companies have rallied behind Christchurch to assist with construction and infrastructure projects as the earthquake rebuild process gathers pace.

Structural steelwork is a critical element for most modern buildings and industrial structures, and a number of Dunedin companies have been involved with both fabrication and on-site installation of steelwork for commercial and government projects.

Christchurch Rebuild 001

One Dunedin engineering company recently fabricated and installed over 200 tons of seismic-rated steelwork for construction of critical pumping stations, as part of the horizontal infrastructure rebuild, managed by SCIRT

Dunedin teams have also been working hard to rebuild vital water and waste water systems, and have supplied and installed many systems to improve reticulation of critical services for Christchurch residents.

Engineering Dunedin Incorporated is very proud of our engineering heritage and rich skill base, and we welcome further opportunities to assist with the rebuild process.

Christchurch Rebuild