High Voltage Solution Ltd

High Voltage Solution Ltd

  • 24 Mannering Street, Waverley, Dunedin
  • http://www.highvoltagesolution.com
  • 027 419 9952
  • (03) 4542446

Company Background

High Voltage Solution, established in 2004 by Peter Rhodes, is a well-respected company within the high voltage (6.6 - 450kV) industry, operating throughout Australia, New Zealand and Chile in South America. Peter's team, who are Australasia's leading consultants in High Voltage Maintenance, lead the field in On-Line Partial Discharge Testing.

Peter regularly attends conferences and presents papers on High Voltage subjects and is a member of a number of working groups whose aim is to prevent unplanned outages and provide a safe working environment for HV plant.

Products and Services

  • Switchgear PD
  • Cables Partial Discharge 
  • Corona Surveys 
  • Transformers & Tap Changer PD 
  • High Voltage Audits, Surveys & Engineering 
  • Infra Red & Thermal Imaging

Niche Capability

  • On Line Partial Discharge Surveys
  • High Voltage Bushing Replacement service
  • Harmonic Surveys
  • Corona Surveys