EB Engineering Solutions

EB Engineering Solutions

  • 16 Wilkie Road, Kensington, Dunedin 9012 — PO Box 2025, Dunedin 9044
  • http://www.ebengineering.co.nz
  • (03) 471 4198
  • (03) 455 6892

Company Background

EB Engineering Solutions is an Otago based engineering company that specialises in batch fabrication, materials handling, maintenance, and design & build projects. Our company is staffed by people who have a wide range of practical experience in the engineering field.

We practice a "hands on" management philosophy with our people constantly keeping in touch with a changing industry. EB Engineering Solutions has been customer focused ever since it was established in Dunedin in 1945. Throughout our 60 plus years of evolution we have built an outstanding reputation for our ability to respond to our customers’ needs and have established ourselves as one of New Zealand’s most innovative providers of industrial engineering solutions.

Products and Services

  • Design and Build - Where a single purpose machine or item of plant is required, we provide a design, build and commissioning service. We currently have two design seats running Autodesk Inventor enabling us to utilise full 3D design.
  • Design and Development - We offer a design and development service to those who have an idea that they wish to be developed to a commercial stage.
  • Systems Engineering - This service is available to industries who wish to automate, upgrade or rebuild an existing process, system or part off. The elements of the system would typically include materials handling plant, automation systems, product tracking, specialist built machines and proprietary plant from other manufacturers. We are able to co-ordinate associated resources to achieve the objectives.
  • Machining - One off and small batch machining is undertaken in our machine shop which includes 2 centre lathes, 1 vertical mill, 1 mill drill and 1 broaching press.
  • Maintenance - This 24 hour service is available to those wishing to supplement their own resources. Our team is experienced in the wool, waste, textile, foundry, meat, food and horticulture industries.
  • Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning - Our Dunedin workshop is very well equipped to build small to medium sized plant including belt and fixed track conveyors, purpose built machinery, boilermaking and component fabrication. We also undertake the assembling, installing and commissioning of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Hydrobine Water Turbine - We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of water turbines. Our products have been developed to operate under very low heads (from 250mm to 1.5m), while providing working pressures in excess of 100psi or power generation of up to 1000W.
  • Perkinz Sheep Handling - the design and manufacture of Crutchmaster crutching trailers, Drenchmaster sheep handling races and other sheep handling solutions for the farmer, contractor and the life-styler.

Niche Capability

Working in a variety of differing fields enables us to provide engineering solutions using innovative design and modern engineering techniques to turn ideas into reality.