Powerhouse Wind Ltd

Powerhouse Wind Ltd

  • c/o Innovation Workspace, Private Bag 1910, Dunedin
  • http://www.powerhousewind.co.nz
  • 027 280 6725

Company Background

Powerhouse Wind was founded in 2007 by Bill Currie, Wayne O'Hara, Richard Butler and Peter Shaw with the aim of developing a high performance small scale wind turbine for distributed and local generation opportunities. These applications and markets are developing rapidly with improving photovoltaic technologies and there is a complementary opportunity for small scale wind.

Products and Services

Powerhouse Wind is a startup company currently focused on delivering our first product, the Thinair 102 to the market by mid 2013. This product is rated at 2 kW at 10 m/s and is capable of powering a carefully designed off grid house, or a proportional of a conventional on grid dwelling. We also aim to sell components of the technology we have developed notably the modular low speed high torque alternator which could be used for vertical axis turbines and water turbines.

Niche Capability

  • Small scale wind turbine installation planning
  • Mechanical and electronic product design and development
  • Light manufacturing and assembly