Metal Springs & Services Ltd

Metal Springs & Services Ltd

  • C/O 1 Cornwall Street, Waverly 9013 — P.O. Box 2547, Dunedin 9044
  • (03) 454 4569

Company Background

At MSSL we specialise in "one-off" and low production runs of hand wound springs, and sourcing and supplying large commercial runs on behalf of client. MSSL makes springs for commercial and industrial applications, as well as vintage cars & bikes!

Manufacturer and Supplier of Kanban Rings MSSL can produce a large range of sizes from 0.3 mm diameter wire through to 8 mm bright wire, and 6.00 mm diameter for pre-galvanised and stainless steel.

Niche Capability

We are the only spring-making company based in the Otago/Southland region.